Mentoring and Coaching

Do you love to research your ancestors, but you seem to be stuck? Do you want to get through brick walls in your research without paying a researcher thousands of dollars? Do you need help interpreting your DNA Results? Colleen is here to review your ancestral situation, and give you some ideas and tips of where to search next. She is happy to help you move forward with your own research, without doing the research for you.

Some specialty areas are: All US research, basic Scandinavian research



Many people love researching their own ancestors, but they get stuck and don't know where to search next. DNA is also getting quite popular, but the results are hard to interpret, and locating ancestors using DNA can be complicated! Instead of paying for a researcher to do the work for you, consider getting some guidance about where else you can look for information. If you would like Colleen to coach you about where to search next, how to find specific information, or help you with your DNA results, please contact her with the information about your goals. She will then spend time reviewing the information and putting together ideas. Once she has some great ideas, she will call you to chat about what you can do next in your research. A 3-hour minimum is required to get started. Predetermined phone visits can be set up at your convenience, or if you are local, a face-to-face visit can be set up. The first visit/phone call may not take 3 hours. Any remainder time will be held for you, and can be used at any time you need to consult with Colleen.



$35/hour with a 3 hour minimum

All forms of payment accepted