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Do you have a journal from an ancestor that is difficult to read? What about a will or some old letters? Colleen can help you by transcribing the documents into typed format for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. She is also happy to help look over documents you have transcribed, and consult with you about difficult words. Handwriting transcription can be tricky! Colleen can help! Scroll down to see an example.



Many people have old letters, journals, wills, deeds, or other hand-written documents that are difficult to read. When they don't know what to do with them, they either throw them away or store them in a forgotten box. If you are in this situation, consider having these documents transcribed. Colleen will transcribe the documents into typed format for you. You can send her a pdf file or jpegs of the compiled pages, or you can send her paper copies of the pages. She will type the documents and can send them in digital format and/or paper format. Paper format will be charged the cost for printing. Colleen can either type out the document formally, as written, with spelling and punctuation errors, and/or she can type out a very clean and readable copy with all mistakes fixed. Colleen can also help you figure out specific words in a document you have transcribed. She can consult over the phone or email.

Transcription Example

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Robert Wilson & Wife}            DEED
Milus & John. A. Hughey}    
                                                This Deed made this 7th day of Septem
ber 1836, between Robert Wilson and Rachel his wife of the county
of Perry and Hale of Missouri of the first part and Milus and John
Hughey of the second part witnesseth that the said party of the first
do hereby for and in consideration of the sum of the three hundred and
eighty seven dollars paid by said part of the second part to the said
party of the first part on the 7th day September 1836, the payment of
which sum is hereby acknowledged, give, grant, bargain and sell
unto the said Milus and John A. Hughey the following piece
of land, situate in the County of Perry and State of Missouri for the
West half of the North west quarter of Section thirty six of Township thir
ty five North in Range twelve est containing 75 acres and ninety
nine rods, to have and to hold the above described piece of land, with
the appertenances thereunto belonging, unto the said Milus and
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John A. Hughey their heirs and assigns forever, the said Robert and Rachel
Wilson of the first part, do hereby for themselves and their heirs, Jointly and
Severally covenant to and with the said Milus and John A. Hughey
of the second part, their heirs and assigns, that they will forever warrant
and defend the title of said land against the claim or claims of any
person and all persons legally claiming said tract of land. In testi
mony whereof we hereto subscribe our names and affix our seals the
day and year aforesaid. __ interlined with the word land before signed
Robert Wilson {Seal} Rachel Wilson {Seal} Thomas B. Clitchel.
David W. Morrison __ State of Missouri County of Perry SS: Be
it remembered that on this 21 day of January 1837, before me one of the
Justices of the peace within and for the county aforesaid personally came
Robert Wilson and Rachel his wife, both personally known to me to be
the persons whose names are subscribed to the foregoing instrument of
writing as having executed the same a severally acknowledged the
Same to be their act and deed for the purposes therein mentioned, and
She the said Rachel being by me first made acquainted with the con
tents thereof and examined separate and apart from her husband
whether she executed the said deed and relinquishes her dower to
the lands and tenements therein mentioned voluntarily, freely and
without compulsion or undue in influence of her said husband
acknowledged and declared that she executed the said deed and
relinquishes her dower to the lands and tenements therein mention
ed voluntarily, freely and without compulsion or undue influ
ence of her said husband.  Taken and certified the day and year
aforesaid.__ Elias Baiber J.P.

Recorded March 17th 1837    Fred C. Hase Clk
                                               & Ex Office Recorder





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