Ancestral Insights

Helping you on your family history journey.


Mentoring and Coaching

Do you love to do the research for your own ancestors, but you're feeling stuck? Have you hit a "brick wall" in your research? Colleen is here to coach you so you know where to search next.

Do you have an ancestor's journal or other handwritten documents that are difficult to read? Colleen can transcribe difficult-to-read documents into typed documents for you and your family members to enjoy for years to come.

Are you planning a family history trip? Do you need ideas of where to search or what information might be available? Would you like Colleen to review your plan to make sure nothing is left out? Colleen is here to help you to make sure you research the most important sites in the area you will be visiting.


Colleen volunteers her time teaching and presenting. She has a variety of topics available for various audiences.



It has been my pleasure and privilege to have worked with Colleen researching my family lines. She is so knowledgeable in all areas of research and very devoted to her love of genealogy. She wholeheartedly took on the project of transcribing my aunt's journal- a project requiring patience, experience, and love. Researching my family's history, Colleen brought to life my heritage through pictures and documents.  I will feel eternally indebted for her help and expertise. You will love working with her, too. - June E.

I have had the opportunity to experience Colleen's knowledge and enthusiasm in genealogical work as I have participated in classes that she has taught and have been motivated by her passion and dedication. I have been the beneficiary of her knowledge and thoroughness as she helped me learn that some of my own ancestors had changed their surname from what it originally was. Colleen is a skilled and determined researcher. -Jacque F.

I had a great grandfather's missionary journal that had been packed away for years and I wanted to share it with the rest of my extended family.  As I set out to transcribe it, I found it almost impossible to decipher.  The letters were stylized for the 1800s, many words were misspelled, and many unfamiliar abbreviations were used.  I turned to Colleen for help.  Her transcribing service was quick and accurate.  She helped to make sense of the journal entries and restored a family history treasure. -Bob S.

I've known Colleen for several years. She is bright and very precise. I love her inquisitiveness in researching the many problems that come up in family history. She is fearless and not afraid to keep searching and asking questions to find answers. Colleen is very knowledgeable and helps one understand the process needed. A great teacher and excellent researcher! The best! -Annette V.