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Why Records Have Conflicting Information

How do you know which date to choose when you find two conflicting documents in your Family History Research?

Finding Records Before 1850

When researching Family History, lots of people get stuck searching for an ancestor when their ancestor lived before 1850. Why is this? Well, 1850 was the first Census that listed every name in each household. 

How Family History Increases Resiliency

Resiliency. It is such a great concept in this ever-challenging world. It is an attribute we all want to have. Because we ALL have challenges in life. Find out how family history has everything to do with building resiliency. 

When to Hire a Professional Genealogist

We’ve all been there. The brick wall. That elusive ancestor that just can’t be found in any records. So when do you throw in the towel and hire a professional to do the research for you? And is it really worth the money? How can you trust the person you’re hiring?

Become a Better Researcher in Just 6 Steps

Sometimes it seems like the leap from a hobbyist to a professional genealogist is too big. First there is getting a degree, and then possibly a credential, and then working as a professional. However, just by knowing a few tricks and resources, you can easily become an intermediate or advanced genealogist!

5 Things You Can Learn From Your Ancestor's Photograph

A picture is worth 1,000 words, right? When studying the photographs of your ancestors, you can actually learn a lot more about them than it might seem at first.

Where to Look for Photos of Ancestors

Are you on the hunt for some great photos? Here are some ideas of where to look.

8 Things to Consider When Planning a Family History Trip

Are you thinking of visiting an ancestor's homeland and learn more about your ancestry heritage? Are you wanting to find the house they lived in, or another piece of history that they contributed to? Here are 8 things to consider when planning your family history research trip.

4 Things You Need to Know About Immigration Records

Let’s face it... Unless you are full-blood Native American, you have ancestors who immigrated to the U.S. at some point. Here are 4 things you need to know before you start searching for them.

5 Surprising Things You Could Learn From a DNA Test

There are a lot of reasons people test their DNA. Some want answers about where their ancestors came from. Others were adopted and want to find relatives. No matter what the reasons are, get ready for some possible surprises in your results. First, here’s a bit of background.
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